Higly purified Human cardiomyocytes derived from iPSCs

PluriCardio™ is a complete kit composed of highly pure population of human cardiomyocytes derived from iPSCs, plating medium, cultivating medium and extracellular matrix. The iPSCs were derived from primary cultures belonging to a healthy donnor.

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You can purchase PluriCardio™ in three different quantities depending on your needs: 2 million cells (2M – enough for half of a 96 well plate); 5 million cells (5M – enough for a full 96 well plate); 10 million cells (10M – enough for 2×96 well plate).

We also work with a personalized amount of cells. Get in touch for more information about it.


Yes, but in this case, we don’t have them in stock and the price may vary depending on the requirements.

No. The cells commercialized by PluriCell Biotech are intended for research use only. It is strictly forbidden to use it for clinical applications, therapy or as a diagnostic tool.

For international customers, this condition is not available.

  • “Our experience with the cells is very good: We are using them (beating) up to 21 days after thawing, there is reproducibility in all vials – the same number of cells, same activity, same lifetime. So overall, it works excellent for us.”

    Hadas Bomberg
    EMENDO - Israel
  • “The PluriCardio cardiomyocytes were essential in the process of standardization in 3D human tissue under microfluidics platform. This cell population have shown to be a promising tool for long term cultivation of tridimensional spheroidal bodies.”

    Talita Miguel Marin
    Principal Investigator of the Human Tissue Laboratory at LNBio-CNPEN
Subscription Plan is the best cost-benefit for your lab!
How does your subscription plan work (your NetFlix for cells!)


The yearlong subscription will give you the right of receiving an specific amount of cells and it requires signing a contract. The payment will be invoiced monthly but could be adjusted according to the user’s need.


We would like to offer the best experience with our products. You’ve never used these cells before? No problem, we give you full support to design you experiment and use these cells for best in class results. We can also advice you on the best plan to subscribe to.

Receiving your cells

You can receive your cells monthly or otherwise if necessary. The only requirement is that you schedule the shipment beforehand with us. You can request early access to your future shipment of cells if the monthly charges are also anticipated. OBS: Shipping is not included in the price.


Each plan offers a discount in the actual price of the cells bought individually. The greater the plan, the greater the discount. Ask us about what plans best suits your needs!

Additional Cells

If you subscribe, you can upgrade your plan, if necessary, with no extra charges. If you would just like an extra tube of cells, we can also offer a nice discount.

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