Let us help you reprogram the cells of your patients into iPSCs without losing time implementing that yourself in your lab. PluriCell does that work for you by using epissomal methods and an isolated primary cell line.

PluriCell offers

Generation of one clone of iPCSs starting from human Fibrobalst or Erithroblasts. The process includes:

– 10 criovials of frozen iPSCs in passage 10;

– End point PCR to evaluate footprint free integration

– PCR for mycoplasma detection

– PCR to evaluate integration of the plasmids

– Over 95% purity by flux cytometry for Oct4, Nanog and Sox2

Extra clones per individual

If you require more clones for each individual (2, 3 or 4) just let us know and we will prepare a personalized quote for you on that.

Embryoid Bodies

Evaluation of the capacity of embryoid body formations and of the spontaneous differentiation in the three germ layers. All of this evaluated by the expression of 6 gene markers by qPCR (mesoderm, endoderm and ectoderm).

Gene Expression Analysis

Panel of gene expression on the 8 more important genes for iPSCs characterization.


Kariotype using traditional cytogenetic approaches counting at least 20 cells.

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